Now we support PayPal

Alexa Netshahr is being extended everyday to help users to make more money or boost up their site alexa rank more quickly. Now we support Paypal gateway. In this post, we are going to describe how it can help you get more traffic on your website and improve its alexa rank or make more money.

  The more points you have, the more visits your websites will get.

Currently there are two ways to earn point. You can use autosurf method and earn point for FREE. By using this method, you can only earn one point per minute and if you want to boost up your website Alexa rank more quickly, it is not the way you may prefer. In addition, if you want to make money, it`s very slow way to collect points and sell them.

New feature of Alexa Netshahr is Paypal support. Now you can sell your points or purchase other users` points.

You can collect point and sell them to other users with any cost you want and make money. Or if you want to boost up your website Alexa rank, you can purchase point to achieve more points and more visits to your website. One of the special features of is the ability to give priority to websites. Websites with higher priority, will achieve more visits. The more points you have, the more priority you can give to your website. So you can improve your site Alexa rank more quickly.

Also you can purchase our Plans to have more points. ECONOMIC, BRONZE, SILVER, PLATINUM are the plans we suggest to users. Sometimes the cost of user sales is less than the cost of our plans and so you may prefer to purchase other users points.


 Currently each visit costs only 0.005 $ and even less than this amount.



Please feel free to contact us in case of any question or problem while using this feature.

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